Sushi Catering Services

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Sushi Party Platters

Pavilion- Up to 25 Guests
10 Special Rolls
Sushi & Sashimi Combo
Seaweed Salad
Pavilion- Up to 50 Guests
20 Special Rolls
Sushi & Sashimi Combo
Seaweed Salad
Sushi Cake- Up to 75 Guests
30 Special Rolls
Sushi & Sashimi Combo
Seaweed Salad
Sushi Bridge- Up to 75 Guests
30 Special Rolls
Sushi & Sashimi Combo
Seaweed Salad

Sushi Station

»         An assortment of classic rolls, special rolls and sushi
»         Artfully displayed by a traditional sushi chef
»        Optional lady with kimono available at an additional cost
»        Rolls include Dragon Roll, Sweet Heart Roll, Sumo Roll, Mr. Jimmy Roll, Green Tree Roll
          Summer Love Roll, Caterpillar Roll, Rainbow Roll, Mango Dragon Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll
          California Roll, Spicy Yellowtail Roll, Oshinko Roll, Cucumber Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll
          $14.50/Guest (80% regular rolls, 10% special rolls, 10% sushi)
          $19.50/Guest (50% regular rolls, 20% special rolls, 20% sashimi, 10% sushi)
          Sushi Chef $200 per 120 guests

Specialty Rolls

Dragon Roll               Eel & cucumber with avocado & caviar on top
Sweet Heart Roll       Salmon, spicy yellowtail & avocado inside, fresh tuna outside
Sumo Roll                 Spicy crabmeat & avocado, topped with scorched salmon, spicy mayo, scallions
Mr. Jimmy Roll          Lobster tempura, mango, cucumber topped with eel, avocado, eel sauce & tobiko
Green Tree Roll        Shrimp tempura & eel inside, seaweed salad outside, plum sauce on top
Summer Love Roll    Shrimp tempura inside, topped with crabmeat & coconut sauce
Caterpillar Roll         Shrimp tempura & eel inside, topped with thinly sliced avocado & caviar
Rainbow Roll            Crabmeat, cucumber & avocado topped with tuna, salmon & white fish
Mango Dragon         Shrimp tempura, eel, cucumber, soy paper, mango & tobiko on top, mango sauce

Traditional Rolls

Spicy tuna roll
Spicy salmon roll
California roll
Cucumber roll
Oshinko roll(Japanese Pickle)
Spicy yellowtail roll